1. O Mom says

    Oh I have serious tears here! That was precious and so what us "young" Moms need to hear. I do have an almost 16 year old but also a 9 & 6 year old too and some days I just wonder if I'm doing enough and it's so nice to hear that those little things are the things that stick with them most!
    Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back here too!

  2. Runner Mom says

    Where is my box of kleenex???? Oh, how precious, Kay! Thank you for sharing this. Guess I need to take child #2 to McDonalds this week-he's been driving me crazy about that!! But, that's something he will remember one day as well–the calories from the fries will already have stuck to my legs. Great post, sweet friend!!

  3. Amy says

    Very timely for me today! I had a conversation with a friend on Sunday as we were leaving church, just about how she felt un-appreciated by her 3 little ones, etc. We had a good talk, and she knows the real TRUTH in God's love and purpose for her life, but I was happy to be able to encourage her with this today. We ALL need reminders like this. Thanks, Kay!

  4. Anonymous says

    Thanks, Kay, for the beautiful blog today. I really needed it, too. Sometimes you just cry out to God and wonder if the little things really matter. We seem to think the expensive planned moments will outweigh the spontaneous picnics, sitting on the bed talking, or the Monopoly games you played way too long. Just like Christmas, it's sometimes the wrapping paper/box moments more than the costly toy inside…….thanks for the reminder! Kendall

  5. Anonymous says

    Oh Kay how very sweet. I see where he just needed to hear your voice,and how very much he is missing you. The 11pm phone call says it all. God is so good to us when we need to hear his voice the most.Night Night to you both.

  6. Amber says

    Oh…I'd take it, too.

    I've found myself pondering lately how empty my nest is going to feel when my little men fly the coop. And I don't like it. Not one bit.

    I know I'll be clinging to those late night phone calls, too. LOVE IT.

  7. ellenbankselwell says


    You have a great blog here! I discovered it through Shelly.

    Please tell your son Daniel that he's in good company. My husband and I recently heard a story from one of our friends who is a publishing executive. A few years ago, this friend was hosting two buttoned-down British publishers. I don't know if the two men published for the Queen or not, but they were pretty high-end. When our US friend picked up the UK publishers at the airport and asked them where they wanted to have dinner, they said, "Surprise us and take us to a place that is typically American."

    I think you know where this is headed. HE TOOK THEM TO CHUCK E CHEESE'S – in their suits! He ordered a pizza and gave them each a handful of tokens to use while they waited. This publishing friend of ours says that to this day the two British gentlemen are STILL talking about how much fun they had at Chuck E Cheese's.

    Thanks, Kay, for your warm and thoughtful writing about your son's special memory. Keep up the good work!


  8. Michelle says

    I don't have words to say how much this post meant to me! I will be re-reading it regularly! My boys are 8 and 3, and we moms need all the encouragement we can get from each other.
    Thank you for the blessing!

    A sincere new reader,

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