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To My Sisters on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day. A weighty day for some, light as a daisy in a handmade vase for others. A day of looking back, looking around, looking up, looking inside and even looking down. A day of gratitude for life, a day of sorrow for death. A day on a calendar like any other and yet, somehow not. Whatever this day… Read More

What to Do When Your Character is Tarnished

I still remember the first time my pastor-husband came home from a beyond-difficult day at work and shared with me about the horrendous attack on his character that he had suffered. I’ll not bother to tell you what church we were serving at that time. It really doesn’t matter. It could have been any of the five, honestly. And it… Read More

Why I Have a Women Wednesday

Since the beginning of the new year, Wednesdays have had a new significance for me. At first, I thought it would just be a way of organizing my prayer life, a personal thing, a necessity for someone whose prayer life has consistently been inconsistent. But it’s turned into so much more. I catch myself saying numerous times throughout the week,… Read More

What Kind of Faith Moves Mountains?

With my preschooler strapped into his car seat behind me, I pressed on the accelerator and prepared to ease my van into the flow of traffic on the interstate. We were probably singing along with a Wee Sing cassette tape, Daniel bopping his head up and down to the catchy beat, me stumbling over the too familiar words. Then it… Read More