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When It’s Difficult to Engage with God

I set my coffee mug down on the table in front of me and reached for my Bible. Finding the frayed brown ribbon that “marks the spot,” I located the place in Psalms where I had last finished reading. I fastened my eyes on Psalm 27 and forced the ancient words into focus. But halfway through the chapter I realized I… Read More

Watch Your Cart…And Your Heart!

Yesterday when I was wondering the aisles of Target gathering the dozen or so items I didn’t realize I needed until I stepped in the store, I heard a woman offer a stern warning to another. “Judy, don’t walk off from your cart like that! Don’t you know someone could steal your purse if you leave it in your cart unattended?”… Read More

When You Just Don’t Like Someone

“I understand some people may see things differently than my husband does. And I understand there may be disagreements and problems to work through. But what hurts me most is when I hear that some people ‘just don’t like’ my husband…their pastor!” Even though I could not see the young woman on the other end of the telephone conversation, I knew… Read More

Here’s Why I Love Having a Mentor…and You Might, Too

I’m pretty accessible most of the week. Like a lot of gals, I keep my cell phone handy and respond to texts almost immediately. And if you email me, you’ll get a speedy reply, too. But on Thursday mornings starting around 10:20, don’t bother me. I have plans. Important, sacred, guarded plans. Around 10:20 a.m. on most Thursdays I’m pulling mugs… Read More