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Do You Worry About “Doing it Right?”

My husband and I didn’t plant any flowers in our backyard this year. But God did. In previous years we’ve packed about a dozen clay pots with beautiful blooms and fragrant herbs. We’ve scattered them around our patio, against the backdrop of our Arizona rock yard, and enjoyed the bundles of blossoms and the vibrant splashes of green. But this summer we knew we’d… Read More

Why I Choose to Come Alongside

Did you know I worked at Talbots for about a year? Yep. On a whim one day I just filled out the application and turned it in. Never mind that the closest Talbots store was about 90 miles from my house. For about a year I drove over an hour across the desert to work a few five-hour shifts each… Read More

Tempted to Compare? Concentrate Instead

I had not spoken with my dear friend for several months, so we had a lot of catching up to do. About 45 minutes into the conversation, we had moved past “what’s been going on” and entered into “what’s around the bend.” I listened with genuine interest as my friend told me about travel plans, upcoming family milestones, a busy… Read More

Let’s Get Out of the Comparison Trap

As I walked out of my hotel room that day, I remember feeling satisfied with my appearance. I had chosen a comfortable, but stylish outfit that seemed fitting for the occasion and flattering on me. I had taken a little extra time with my makeup and gotten every hair in place before lightly spraying it. And a new necklace and… Read More