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Whose Responsibility is It Anyhow?

I had worked myself into a tizzy. Sitting across the sticky table from my husband, I clenched my hands tightly in my lap and turned to focus my watery eyes on the empty table beside us. We had walked together to the diner for a fun breakfast, but my husband had already offered to take a separate route home. That’s how… Read More

What to do when You Feel Left Out or Lonely

I am fifty-ahem and just figured something out in very recent years. For most of my life I mistakenly assumed that everyone else–yes, I mean EVERYONE else–always felt included, involved, engaged and invited…and I alone did not. It seemed to me that everyone else–yes, I mean EVERYONE else–had places to be, friends to gather with, conversations to finish, phone calls to… Read More

If You Only Had One Priority…What Would It Be?

I get a little nervous this time of year. Beginnings make me feel like I need to start over, make lists, rearrange things, set goals. Then I just get overwhelmed with it all. I throw my hands up in the air and sit down…right back where I was. Everyone else seems to be cutting out sugar, buying gym memberships, setting… Read More

When You’re Seeking Solitude but End Up in Isolation

I felt overwhelmed by a storm that had been brewing for months. But I also just had a lot on my plate. Pressed hard between the hectic pace of trying to keep up and the weightiness of my burden, I did what I often do. I dug in deep and burrowed in. When life gets hard and relationships feel more like… Read More