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If Your Child is Grown…but caring is wearing you out

Outside the nursery window an insomniac cow moaned in the neighboring pasture. But inside the Noah’s ark themed room the only sound was the sweet puff of my sleeping toddler’s slow breathing. “Treasure these days, Kay.” My older friend Willie broke the silence with her whispered words as we peeked in on my son. “I remember how sweet it was at the end of… Read More

The Very Best Thing You Can Do Today

I’d awakened earlier than normal and I’d crept downstairs to start the coffee.  Without the bright Arizona sunrise lighting my house I was a little disoriented. So I sat on my sofa while Mr. Coffee sputtered and spit black gold into the glass carafe. The day ahead of me was packed with unusual and time-consuming activities. Usually a creature of… Read More

When You’d Rather Be With, But You’re Alone Instead

I’m a with kind of girl. I like eating lunch with a friend, watching a movie with my husband, hiking with a buddy, traveling with my family, working with a team. With. Avec. Con. In any language with is a rather plain word with a beautiful ring to it. With implies shared insights, teamwork, lightened loads, multiplied laughter, skin on skin, out loud conversations and… Read More

Do You Worry About “Doing it Right?”

My husband and I didn’t plant any flowers in our backyard this year. But God did. In previous years we’ve packed about a dozen clay pots with beautiful blooms and fragrant herbs. We’ve scattered them around our patio, against the backdrop of our Arizona rock yard, and enjoyed the bundles of blossoms and the vibrant splashes of green. But this summer we knew we’d… Read More