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When You’re Seeking Solitude but End Up in Isolation

I felt overwhelmed by a storm that had been brewing for months. But I also just had a lot on my plate. Pressed hard between the hectic pace of trying to keep up and the weightiness of my burden, I did what I often do. I dug in deep and burrowed in. When life gets hard and relationships feel more like… Read More

I’d Like to Give You a Gift for Your Gab!

I’d really like for you to talk to me today. And for taking just a minute or so to leave me a thoughtful comment, you will be entered in a drawing for one bountiful, beautiful gift and five more smaller but meaningful gifts. What are we talking about? Grief. Specifically good grief. It’s been said that grief is the one journey… Read More

I’m Guest-Posting at (in)courage…join me

We were two peas in a pod. She was the kindred spirit Anne of Green Gables had sent me looking for. We share a birthday, and we laughingly chided our husbands that even we couldn’t have planned that. Autumn is filled with memories that my friend and I created over the years. It was in the fall that we ran… Read More

When Sticky Dreams Stay in Your Head and Steal Your Joy

I startled awake to unfamiliar banging and crashing sounds this morning. It was six o’clock and construction workers in nearby housing lots had already begun their work evidently. As I lay quiet and groggy in my bed, the dream I had suddenly awakened from crept in from the edges of my mind, uninvited but persistent. I wished I hadn’t remembered. The dream wasn’t… Read More