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What Kind of Faith Moves Mountains?

With my preschooler strapped into his car seat behind me, I pressed on the accelerator and prepared to ease my van into the flow of traffic on the interstate. We were probably singing along with a Wee Sing cassette tape, Daniel bopping his head up and down to the catchy beat, me stumbling over the too familiar words. Then it… Read More

A Word of Encouragement for the Overwhelmed

I will always remember the year 2005 as one of the most difficult for my family…for me. Good things happened. Hard things happened. Life changed drastically. We said hundreds of goodbyes. We said hundreds of hellos. We were all overwhelmed. For several months of that year, every day felt like a battle. We weren’t warring against each other, thankfully. But… Read More

How Gracious Accountability Can Change Your Life – Part 2 of 2

Have you tried to line up good accountability in the past, but ended up feeling frustrated? Accountability gone-wrong can indeed do more damage than good. Whether the person who said they would root for us seems to have forgotten us or the team we joined somehow left us in the dust, when accountability takes a wrong turn we often stop… Read More

How Gracious Accountability Can Change Your Life – Part 1 of 2

I used to squirm when anyone mentioned accountability, much less suggested it. Maybe you, too, think accountability is a four-letter word…on steroids. And maybe your reasons for politely turning down offers to hold you accountable resemble the excuses I used to give: “I’ve got this, thank you.” “That’s for people who have a real problem, not a little challenge.” “I… Read More