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Why I Sought Out a Mentor…and You Might Want To, Too

My friend Lilly sat across from me at Chili’s telling me about her upcoming vacation to Sedona, Arizona. She was happy to have the hotel booked and the trip officially on the calendar. And she was looking forward to her sister and brother-in-law joining her and her husband for the getaway. Excited for her, I assured her she would love Sedona. “You’ve been… Read More

Why Invitations are Both Awkward and Worth It

Do you ever struggle with making friends? I’ve had season in my life when it seemed I couldn’t strike up a friendship if my life depended on it. And I’ve had seasons when I just struggled with how to make friends. For years I lamented the fact that no one ever invited me to lunch or the movies. “No one… Read More

Why Listening Friends are My Favorite Friends

My favorite friends are the ones who listen to me, really listen. Of course, at this point, all of my friends have become excellent listeners out of necessity. For a couple of years there recently I must have spent hundreds of hours sitting across a table from one friend or another pouring out my heart, crying a few tears and… Read More

Are You Asking Too Much from Your Friend?

I’m going to share a story I’ve never told anyone. Trust me, it’s ugly. But there’s a point. Otherwise I’d never in a million years type this out. Once upon a time I had a dear friendship. In fact, miraculously, I still do. But this particular event occurred shortly after we had first become friends. We were still learning how much… Read More