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Will You Be There? The Ministry of Your Presence

I specifically told my friend she didn’t need to attend the meeting. I wanted her to know about the meeting, to pray for those involved, to know what I was going through. But I didn’t expect her to be there. After all, she didn’t normally attend this meeting. But when I walked in the crowded room I immediately saw her… Read More

Feeling Disappointed? Here’s the Truth About That

“I have some bad news.” “We regret to inform you…” “someone else” “a different direction” I hate those words. Is there any good way to prepare for disappointment? When we’ve allowed our hearts to drink tentatively from the fragile glass of desire, those words cease the flow of that sweet nectar. What still seemed yesterday like at least a possibility,… Read More

Are You Lonely? Here’s the Truth About That

I don’t like to be blindsided. Loneliness is one of those emotions that can just land on me out of left field with no warning. Loneliness can strike when… I’m sitting in a room full of women, but next to no one. I’ve spent full and glorious days with family or friends, but eventually had to say goodbye. I’m caught… Read More

Are You Discontented? Here’s the Truth About That

It happens every time I visit a department store or clothing shop. Even if I went to the store to pick up one item or a gift for someone, my eyes are immediately opened to all the things I didn’t know I needed, but suddenly do! Within moments I’m discontented and needing something that hadn’t even been on my radar… Read More