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Are You Asking Too Much from Your Friend?

I’m going to share a story I’ve never told anyone. Trust me, it’s ugly. But there’s a point. Otherwise¬†I’d never in a million years type this out. Once upon a time I had a dear friendship. In fact, miraculously, I still do. But this particular event occurred shortly after we had first become friends. We were still learning how much… Read More

Looking for Another Pea for Your Pod?

Do you have friends…but wish you had different ones? Seriously. Maybe you have friends, but none of them are just, you know, like you. When I was in my late twenties and early thirties I absolutely pined for a close friend around my age. I wanted a gal who would throw diaper bags and snacks for her preschoolers into my… Read More

Overwhelmed by Opinions on Social Media? Me, too. Now, What to Do

Maybe it’s because I’ve been stuck on my sofa with a bad cold for several days or maybe the temperature of public opinion really has reached an abnormal high. Either way, my spirit really has begun to faint within me over recent national events and the feverish responses I’ve read on social media outlets. Truthfully, it’s not just recent events… Read More

Whose Responsibility is It Anyhow?

I had worked myself into a tizzy. Sitting across the sticky table from my husband, I clenched my hands tightly in my lap and turned to¬†focus my watery eyes on the empty table beside us. We had walked together to the diner for a fun breakfast, but my husband had already offered to take a separate route home. That’s how… Read More